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We are a full-service boutique marketing consulting agency that takes an innovative approach to turning a story into a strategic audience journey. We work with brands to create a comprehensive marketing plan, harnessing the power of creative communications to find unique solutions. Our goal is to help you grow your business by creating a successful strategy and engaging content that align with your company vision.

Metrix Marketing was founded by Emma Boghossian, who brings over 15 years of global B2B marketing and communications experience in the Energy sector, Science, Technology, and Engineering & Construction industries. Emma applies her creative and business acumen to offer a purposefully engineered marketing package to drive economic efficiency and unprecedented levels of creativity for our clients.


We use a metrix marketing to create self-reinforcing business outcomes.


We partner with you to engineer and develop a successful marketing plan that will identify and pursue strategic opportunities and empower your growth. From digital marketing strategy to consulting services, we translate your vision to reality.

Digital Marketing Strategy

We craft a successful digital marketing strategy built around the specifics of your industry, your business and your customer base.

  • Marketing Goals

  • Digital & Social Content Plan 

  • Analytics & Reporting

Marketing Consulting Services

Mapping out your business model, clarifying your audience, revenue streams, and marketing goals, we empower your business to take advantage of missed opportunities.

  • Gap Analysis

  • Social Media Consulting

  • Inbound Marketing Consulting






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