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Growth Accelerator Services

Position your brand for a quick win in the next quarter

Confirm Your Value Proposition

In-Depth Client Persona Development with Strategic Recommendations

Transform how you connect with your audience by developing a deep understanding of their needs and preferences. Our client persona development service is designed to precisely identify what motivates and influences your customers.

This process involves:

  • 3 Client Persona Development

  • 1 Strategic Recommendations Report


Duration: 2-3 weeks

Investment: $1,500


Comprehensive Marketing Audit with Strategic Recommendations

Discover the full potential of your marketing strategy with our thorough audit services. We assess various aspects of your marketing landscape, identifying both strengths and areas for enhancement.

Our audit encompasses:

  • Content Evaluation

  • Website Analysis

  • Hootsuite Portal Review

  • 3 Competitive Landscape Analysis

Post-audit, we provide a customized action plan with concrete steps to elevate your marketing strategy.

Duration: 4-6 weeks

Investment: $5,000


Toronto, ON, Canafa |  Tel: 647-508-0416


Integrated Mini-Campaign Plan with Execution Guide 

Elevate your marketing impact with our mini-campaign service, designed to generate leads for your new product, service, or event. We blend various marketing tactics towards a unified goal, ensuring a cohesive and impactful campaign.

This package includes:

  • 1 Lead-Generating Asset: Such as a White Paper or Webinar.

  • 1 Blog Article or Case Study: To showcase your expertise.

  • 1 Social Media Post: For enhanced online engagement.

  • Comprehensive Execution Playbook: Outlining goals, audience targeting, promotional strategies, and key success metrics.

Duration: 6-8 weeks

Investment: $6,000

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