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Can Online Engagement Increase Revenue?

Digital-first experiences and customer engagement have exploded over the past two years, creating massive, overnight shifts in how the world works.

A new report by Twilio analyzes how both consumers and businesses have embraced digital engagement. It reveals the major trends shaping customer engagement today and finds digital customer engagement is a revenue accelerator. On average, companies that invested in digital customer engagement reported a 70% increase in revenue and expect their investment to double by 2025.

Having access to customer information gathered from different touch points of the customer’s journey is becoming increasingly valuable to companies. This allows a tailored, personal experience for the customer, meaning they would be more likely to stay on the site and therefore increasing sales.

Customers with a known digital presence can have a powerful influence on global brand sale revenues. This is where Social Media and brand interaction become incredibly important in helping to drive sales.

Personalization has emerged as one of the most important aspects of delivering a competitive brand experience that will attract customers and create brand loyalty. In fact, the consequences of not providing personalized experiences to customers can be severe, with nearly two-thirds of consumers saying they’ll stop using a brand if it doesn’t personalize their experience.

With these new reports, it is proven that having a strong digital presence and personalisation marketing is highly important for brands and businesses to thrive. At Metrix Marketing, we help target your audience more specifically, leading to a higher engagement rate. This way the customer will receive a more personal experience. Communicating effectively and being in tune with your customer’s digital footprint is a vital part of being successful both online and offline. To learn more contact us today.


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