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The Technical Marketer's Guide to Thought Leadership

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

Why Is Thought Leadership Important for technology, science and engineering sectors?

As a #B2B technical company, you need to generate and convert #leads in today’s digital age by raising visibility, increasing credibility, and building trust. Thought leadership content is a great tool to develop audience’s trust in your brand and expose your business to your market in a credible way.

Your technical audience hold high standards for content. Datasheets, case studies, product demo videos, webinars and white papers top the list as the most valuable thought leadership content types for this audience, as they provide detailed technical solutions. By providing insightful content at the early stages of buying to your audience you will set yourself apart from the competition and will be more likely to make the short list of contenders.

According to research by Edelman and LinkedIn, out of 1,200 respondents, 58% read one or more hours of thought leadership per week. Additionally, 55% of respondents said they use thought leadership to vet organizations they may hire.

How to Create Technical Thought Leadership Content

Be targeted: Identify your #audience persona, their motivations, inspirations and pain points. Create your content accordingly to provide more insight and data that they weren’t aware of before.

Be relevant and accurate: Deliver meaningful, accurate and well-researched #content on a relevant topic that addresses your audience’s pain points and provides solutions.

Be innovative: Determine specific opportunities in the market for your thought leadership content where it could drive innovation and change. Provide new solutions and educational guides to assist the audience in their efforts.

Be concise and timely: Create brief and easy to absorb contents, that address specific timely issues. Research and keyword search will help with timely content as it outlines what your customers are currently looking for.

Be a visionary: Create content that demonstrates your thoughtfulness in planning for where the industry is headed and your audiences’ upcoming needs.

Be genuine: Create authentic and honest content based on market research that offers perspective that will help inform your audience’s opinions or decisions.

Thought leadership is continuing to gain momentum and is expected to be a massive driving force of B2B marketing strategies. Understanding thought leadership is the first step in the process. The next step consists of creating a detailed content strategy and roadmap to becoming the thought leader of your industry.

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