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How to enable smart Account Based Marketing (ABM) for B2B Marketers post-pandemic

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

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Smart #ABM strategy

With many businesses pivoting marketing strategies and canceling events due to pandemic, maintaining an Account Based Marketing (ABM) strategy in the #B2B market reigns as the #lead generation #strategy that sales and #marketing teams should use during this time.

For B2B marketers, ABM has always proven to be an efficient and effective demand generation tool through meaningful engagement with key clients. Now using #data, you are able to dynamically prioritize new target accounts to identify those that are still in-market. In addition, as ABM increases satisfaction, retention, and expansion within existing accounts, you will be able to consider more personalized and hyper-targeted ABM tactics to expand your offerings to existing accounts.

The key to standing out right now with ABM is to appeal to the human-to-human connection by building awareness, demonstrating empathy and engaging the prospects with relative creative content, personalized ads, virtual meetups, chat functionality, targeted campaigns, and more.

Here are some tactics to help you enable your smart post-pandemic ABM plan:

1) Review and update your current ABM plan and KPIs:

A review and adjustment of your ABM strategy, KPI and #CRM is required now to respect and address the needs of your prospects and the changing market.

2) Revisit, re-evaluate and re-prioritize your target accounts:

As the market changes, account profiles, buyer personas, campaign tracking, and individual monitoring need a refresh to identify and target new priority accounts.

3) Curate and distribute relevant social proof:

Create high quality, relevant, customized content such as thought leadership contents, case studies, whitepapers and reviews that addresses your clients pain points and offers solutions.

4) Invest your marketing dollars on digital multichannel personalization:

Delivering digital personalized experiences across multiple channels is now more important than ever. Investing in your digital content distribution and customer reach including #social media marketing should be a key part of your current strategy.

At Metrix Marketing, we work with you to create smart #ABM strategies to better equip you to conduct empathetic outreach to buyers and create high value relevant #content during and post-pandemic. Contact our experts for more details.

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