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The Impact of Voice Search on Your Content Marketing

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

voice search and content marketing
Voice Search

Voice search is quickly becoming a fixture of online searching for the millions of households that own a voice assistant device.

No matter what your opinion of voice search, make no mistake, it is impacting your brand, and it will continue to do so. Here's what you need to know:

Make your #content more conversational

One way voice search is impacting your brand is by making your marketing content more conversational. To leverage the voice search, you need to ensure you implement conversational long-tail keywords in your marketing content.

Optimize your microdata for voice search

More and more of SEO and search are optimized behind the scenes, where ordinary users and content providers can't see what is there. Microdata or schema markup happens in a page's code, and the tags used are unknown to voice searchers but are used by voice assistants' AI computing to quickly find the information they want so they can provide it to the searchers. This microdata in the background can impact your brand enormously by giving the voice assistants what they need to use your information instead of another brand's.

Localize your marketing content

Another impact of voice search is that it tends to be focused on a particular area or location. Many voice searches are about local restaurants, events, or places that the searcher wants to go or to find more information about. In other cases, it is about a product/service and where the searcher can find it to purchase. The marketing tactic here is to localize your content as much as possible, and use specific, location-driven keywords to drive more traffic to your location.

Set up voice payment

Voice searches now have the ability to order and pay for purchases via voice payments. To optimize your sales, you need to ensure that your online presence is set up to accept voice payments for your products/services

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