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Marketing & Brand Strategy

A Bold Branding Approach for Construction: Our client, a leading force in the construction industry, known for its innovative approach to commercial and residential building projects, sought to redefine its market position and outreach. In short, they were a lot like the other B2B  AEC brands for which Metrix Marketing has built brand identities, websites, and campaigns. In collaboration with Metrix Marketing, it embarked on a transformative journey to overhaul its branding, marketing, and digital strategy from the foundation up.

Elevating Brand Story for Leadership: Our goal was to highlight their passion for excellence through a storytelling brand strategy. After in-depth research and a strategy workshop with them, we determined the critical parts of their brand, and what they hoped to achieve. We then developed a comprehensive brand blueprint that included a powerful new tagline, mission statement, vision, and core values that resonated with both current clients and prospects. The strategic overhaul of their website, combined with a targeted SEO and digital marketing strategy, was instrumental in positioning them as industry leaders.

Our Contributions:

  • Marketing Strategy

  • Brand Strategy

  • Web Strategy

  • Fractional CMO Services

Impact Achieved:

  • A 60% increase in organic website traffic.

  • A significant improvement in customer engagement, with a 30% increase in time spent on the website.

  • Enhanced brand recognition and authority in the construction industry, leading to being featured in industry publications and invited to speak at major construction and design conferences.

Marketing Strategy

Brand Strategy

Fractional CMO

Project Gallery

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