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Marketing & Brand Strategy

A Comprehensive Marketing and Branding Strategy for a Successful Institute Launch: The IPPC is a virtual global institute dedicated to training and education excellence and innovation in the emerging field of applied positive psychology coaching. In partnership with Metrix Marketing, they embarked on a journey to launch their business from the ground up—spanning marketing ideation, branding, content creation, funnel building, lead generation programs, SEO, and additional Fractional CMO services.


Positioned for Impact: To underscore the IPPC's commitment to fostering student growth initiatives, we crafted the institute's tagline, mission, vision, and values. The strategic development of the website and a targeted SEO booster program were crucial for generating high-quality leads.

Our Contributions:

  • Marketing Strategy

  • Brand Strategy

  • Web Strategy

  • SEO

  • Digital Marketing

  • Fractional CMO Services


Impact Achieved:

  • A 50% increase in website traffic.

  • A 84% increase in mobile sessions

  • A 40% Growth in revenue YoY.

  • A 25% rise in customer engagement metrics, such as time spent on the site and pages per visit, following the rollout of interactive content and webinars designed to appeal to the target audience's interests.

Marketing Strategy

Brand Strategy

Fractional CMO

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