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A Creative Marketing Strategy Approach for an Education and Entertainment Company: Jemima’s Playhouse is an early childhood educational entertainment, offering creative and interactive learning experiences designed to nurture the imagination and communication skills of young learners. Seeking to enhance their brand presence in both the US and Bahamas regions, launch new services, and boost online enrollments amidst the pandemic, the founders chose to collaborate with us for a dynamic marketing and brand strategy, complemented by our comprehensive Fractional CMO services.


An Imaginative Approach to Growth: Our goal was to devise a memorable and inventive rebranding strategy, brought to life through thorough concept development, interactive website design, captivating content, and effective lead generation funnels. We expanded both upper and lower-funnel media tactics and revitalized the lead nurturing strategy, with a renewed focus on online efforts to enhance the user experience and improve lead capture on their website. This was supported by the implementation of a more robust SEO strategy. For our ad campaign strategies, we optimized campaigns to maximize user acquisitions, all within our target cost per acquisition based on customer lifetime value. Regular report cards helped evaluate which content was resonating with audiences — and where it worked best — as we continued to refine targeting with our growing pool of data. To maintain impact in the later stages of the campaign, we repurposed and refreshed existing assets for their new digital placements.


Our Contributions: 

  • Marketing Strategy

  • Brand Strategy

  • Web Strategy

  • SEO

  • Digital Marketing

  • Fractional CMO Services


Impact Achieved:

  • A 20% Growth in revenue YoY.

  • A 25% rise in customer engagement metrics, such as time spent on the site and pages per visit, following the introduction of interactive content and webinars tailored to the target audience’s interests.

  • A 217% increase in ad impressions YoY. 

  • An 84% boost in social media reach.

  • 53% of monthly customers were new acquisitions. 

Marketing Strategy

Brand Strategy

Fractional CMO

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