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Engineering & Design

Rebranding & Content Strategy

Brand Blueprints for Brilliance in Engineering: Our engineering and design client struggled to build and tell a brand story that embraced and reflected all it had to offer. Additionally, they did not want to lose the brand equity they had built over decades of operating — we had to establish a new reputation built on the foundation of their old one. 

Innovation in Every Design: A full-service project, we built their new brand from the ground up — laying a solid foundation that we continue to build on. To ensure we stayed true to their day-one brand, we collaborated with their management team, acting as an extension of their marketing team. As a highly personal company, we spent a significant amount of time collaborating on their values. These values shaped the brand's voice and visual narrative. Innovative, bold confidence were the tenets that had to permeate every touchpoint of the brand.  We started with the logo; it’s simple, strong, and bold. Their tone and visual assets follow this line: confident, professional, and innovative.

Our Contributions:

  • Rebranding & Brand Activation

  • Content Marketing

  • Visual Storytelling

Impact Achieved:

  • A 30% growth in social media engagement within a year.

  • 53% rise in organic website traffic

  • Increased brand recognition and customer perception.


Content Strategy

Visual Storytelling

Project Gallery

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