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Sustainable Construction

Brand Strategy & Activation

A Greener Content Strategy for Green Construction Experts: JCC is an industry leader in sustainable construction and urban greening. In their search for an agency to craft their brand strategy, they sought a partner who was equally passionate about environmental sustainability. This led them to choose Metrix Marketing.

Rooted in Knowledge and Passion: In reimagining JCC’s brand, we focused on weaving a brand narrative that not only showcased their vast expertise and rich history but also articulated their core motivations in a way that resonates on an emotional level with their audience. We aimed to ensure that JCC’s dedication to environmental stewardship and its technical prowess were both compellingly presented.

Our Contributions:

  • Brand strategy development & activation


Impact Achieved:

  • Consistent generation of 200+ MQLs per month

  • 500+ website visitors a month for the first year

  • A 50% increase in brand mentions on social media within six months of launching a targeted content marketing campaign.

Brand Strategy

Brand Activation

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