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Metrix Marketing, founded by Emma Boghossian, leverages her extensive 15-year background in global strategic marketing and communications across the Architectural, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industries, as well as the Energy sector, and Science and Technology fields. Emma's unique blend of creative marketing expertise and engineering problem-solving skills fuels her passion for advancing the goals of her clients.

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Extensive A/E/C Expertise 

Since the year 2000, we have focused exclusively on your specific industry. Our deep expertise and extensive experience enable us to identify marketing strategies to help you distinguish yourself from your competitors.

Committed to Your Success

We are unwavering in our dedication to delivering exceptional results to our clients. Our commitment to your success shines through in every aspect of our work, from crafting innovative marketing strategies to executing flawless campaigns.


We help AEC companies build solid marketing foundations through branding, drive engagement with content and creative solutions, and sustain growth with targeted campaigns.


Craft your digital marketing strategy for sustainable growth

We will work with you to craft a cohesive marketing plan that evolves alongside your changing business needs and deliver a lead-driven, profit-forward map to guide you.

Whether you’re introducing a new product or service, looking to grow into a new market segment, or want to ensure alignment across your sales and marketing teams, starting with strategy is the key to success. Our team of seasoned marketing experts helps you develop and customize your marketing plan to fit your business goals, reach your target audiences, and generate qualified leads and new business through integrated campaigns.


  • Discovery & Recommendations

  • Marketing & Brand Audits

  • Marketing Planning

  • Web & Digital Strategy

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Shape powerful brand narratives

Our team will build a content strategy to resonate with your brand identity and cohesive messaging at its core. We will integrate this essence across social media, paid search, and marketing automation spheres to unveil a harmonized voice that underscores your business value with clarity and impact. Our content marketing strategies leverage Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to help your company extend its online reach and achieve steady organic web traffic. Using competitive research and engaging storytelling, we boost your sales potential with every word.

  • Content Marketing Plan

  • Thought Leadership Tactics

  • Web Copies 

  • Case Studies & Success Stories

Digital marketing services
Branding and Design


Build your legacy with an authentic brand strategy

Engineering a relationship with your customers is a delicate art form, based on your brand's trust, confidence, affinity, familiarity, and beauty. We will work with you to define your mission, vision, values, audiences, and unique value propositions in order to establish your identity, your niche, and your future. We focus on growth from any stage of the company's life cycle. Whether a start-up or a corporate spin-off, a new product release, or an enterprise refresh, we will build a successful brand strategy for your business based on your purpose, core values, and objectives. Your brand strategy will resonate now, and evolve seamlessly into the future.

  • Brand Architecture

  • Diffrentiation & Positioning Strategy

  • Brand Visual Design 

  • Brand Rollout Strategy & Implementation Support



Toronto, ON, Canada |  Tel: 438-222-1494

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